Artist Vera Mennens (b. 1991),  co-founder of at7 project space, lives and works in Rotterdam. Throughout her practice Vera Mennens’s main research is on the question how you can research history and historiography as an artist. Her works balances on the borders of fact and fiction, and while unraveling and the past and present, she questions how the archive helps to construct and preserve our collective and personal memory and what the future of that archive can be. Her network of research comes together in constellations of overlapping images taken from public and personal archives, accompanied and brought together by a narrative. Her works provide a site of relations across time and place that invites to take a position between the collective and personal, fact and fiction, past and present in order to determine new perspectives and methods on the research on histories of western Europe.


Gerdesiaweg 362
3061RA Rotterdam, NL
KvK:  5956145

2015-2017    Master Artistic Research, The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague      
2016   Research course Art and Politics, The Royal Academy of Arts & BAK, Utrecht
2012   Minor Art and Politics, AKV/St. Joost, Den Bosch
2009-2013 BA Photography, AKV/St.Joost, Breda

Grants/ nominations
2019  Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds -Josine de Bruyn Kops Fonds
2019 Creative Fund/Stimuleringsfonds NL 
2018 Mondriaan Fonds Werkbijdrage Jong Talent
2017 nomination master department award, KABK, The Hague

Selected events/projects
2017- now co-founder, at7 project space, Amsterdam / Rotterdam

What do landscapes say, initiated by Yue Mao, groupshow, Moscow/ Stroom,the Hague
What to landscapes say, lecture series, het Nieuwe instituut Rotterdam
What do landscapes say, participating artist in ‘Sustainable and Inclusive
Cities and Societies’ Russia initiated by Creative Fund NL, Russia/ The Netherlands
The three stages, duoshow and research project with naomi van Dijck, the PipeFactory, Glasgow, UK
Working Periode, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania
The Three Stages. the meeting, screening, Susan Bites projectspace, Den Haag
The Three Stages. installation, Art Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fund Prospects & concepts, Rotterdam

The Three Stages, ‘Die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Erde’, Room for
Space, groupshow initiated by Annosh Urbanke, de Vensterbank, Leiden
Presentation and talk at the British school of Art, Moscow, Russia
The Three Stages, The Meeting, Anomia - initiated by Bergur Thomas Anderson and Gunnar Gunnarson, screening, Worm, Rotterdam
The Three Stages, “an answer to that aquestion is beyond the scope of this account”, duo show with Naomi van Dijck, at7, Amsterdam
The Three Stages, Mount Saint Peter, screening at Switch film festival initiated by Mylan Hoezen, Roodkapje, Rotterdam
The Three Stages, Mount Saint Peter, presentation and screening ARC, initiated by Paul Craenen, C.M. Roos & Leiden University, Korzo, Den Haag
The Events Between the Events, presentation, screening and exhibition Heden/ Verleden initiated by Youri Appelo, VHDG, Leeuwarden

The Three Stages, Mount Saint Peter, video installation, groupshow, at7, Amsterdam
The Three Stages part I, Contrapunctus (2018), initiated by Arthur Cordier & Valentino Russo, the Balcony, Den Haag

The Events between the events, video installation, Master artistic research, graduation exhibition, The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
The Events between the events, part I. Master artistic research, groupshow, 1646, The Hague

Kvarstonoj, a monument for an almost country, Master artistic research, groupshow curated by Alessandra Troncone and Laura Amann, Locatie Z, The Hague
Publieks begeleiding SAR/JAR conference, Den Haag
The Events between the events, video installation, initiated & curated by Youri Appelo, Conflicting Identities, Expoplu, Nijmegen, NL
A city called Heerlen, curated by Liza Nijhuis, Art Deli meets Unseen Amsterdam
Online exhibition, Room 2; a trip to Aachen, to Nijmegen (..) brought back to 4 images and 150 cm of digital scrolling, Submarine Jungle, Haarlem
spread Platform/Platvorm issue 1
Portfolio & interview on., by Liza Nijhuis

A Sight for Sore Eyes, photo installation, groupshow, Breda
De vertelling van een kleine geschiedenis, graduation exhibition AKV St. Joost, Breda, the Netherlands
De vertelling van een kleine geschiedenis, presentation and lecture, Kijk mijn familie fotoweek, Amsterdam

De vertelling van een kleine geschiedenis, workshop and lecture, Breda photo, Breda
Internship Ringel Goslinga Amsterdam
Internship Petra Stavast, Amsterdam
Internship Liza de Rijk, Amsterdam

Residencies/ working periods/ collaborations

working period at Naturalis, Leiden
working period at the Natural History Museum, Rotterdam

2018 working peiode at the Heimans & Thijsse archive, Artis Zoo, Amsterdam

2017 residency, the events between the events project, Goethe archive, Weimar, Germany

residency Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK residency,
a monument for an almost country, Esperanto museum, Vienna, Austria

2019 an answer to that aquestion is beyond the scope of this account, with Naomi van Dijck, handout

The events between the events, Master Artistic Research, Thesis
RELAY. Master Artistic Research graudation publication, paper 2015
Publication (a city called) Heerlen project in collobaration with HeerlenVertelt and the city council Heerlen, photo book

2013 Publication of de vertelling van een kleine geschiedenis project, photo book

all image, text, and video © Vera Mennens 2019